Wednesday, August 6, 2008

(Ludmilla Garbuzova teaching the youth from her church.)

(One of the Russian youth leaders we worked with, Pasha.)

(Ludmilla Garbuzova standing in front of the stained glass windows at the art&design college where Moscow First meets each week.)

The youth camp was a great experience. There were about 20 Americans and 20 Russians. We met up with the Americans before the camp and did a little planning. The Russian youth were great. Some were Christian and some were decidedly not-Christian. It was difficult to speak to both audiences.

We told the kids about Jesus. It sounds so simple, and it really is that simple. We took a week, we got to know the youth, and we told them the good news.

Because it really is that simple. That's what it's all about.

We spent a lot of time investing in the future leaders in Russia. We want to make sure that if we (the Americans) can't make it next year, that the Russian leaders know they could have the camp without us.

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