Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Home.

After two long years overseas, I'm heading home in one week. One week!

I look forward to (in no particular order!):

1. Seeing my sister and brother-in-law for the first time in two years!
2. Not riding route-buses everywhere! Squeezing into packed transportation and fighting my way off 20 minutes later is something that I will certainly not miss!
3. Cooking without limits! I will no longer have to use a million substitutes in every recipe.
4. Seeing friends and family!
5. Driving! I haven't driven a car in two years - and I can't wait to get behind the steering wheel again.

I will miss:
5. Ukrainian food, which I love very much.
4. Especially the Lokal' restaurants - which are a dynasty (because "chain" makes them sound tacky) of restaurants owned by the same man which are themed around L'viv and its history.
3. Long walks through this beautiful, architectural city. It seems that I find something new to admire every day.
2. Thursday Night and Sunday morning worship here.
1.These people, these wonderful, beautiful people who mean so much to me.

I will be back. I promise that much.

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