Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have had such an enjoyable time resting a bit. Churches tend to run on a fairly fixed schedule - and beyond Sundays and Wednesdays the pickings are a little slim. Now, when I'm back in my home conference I will be driving from church to church and visiting pastors during the week; but here in GA, most of my connections are laity.

I've had a wonderful time resting, reading, visiting familiar places and seeing familiar faces. This time of rest makes me feel that I am ready for the whirlwind of activity waiting for me in Ukraine. It's also really exciting to see all the ministry that I get to be part of here in the states. It's rare that I get to just sit and listen to people share the stories of their church and their faith journey. It's exciting to dream about the future and all of the faith stories that will be enriched through the ministry we are about to expand.

It is good to reconnect. To reconnect with family and friends, but also to the needs and passion of the churches that support us.

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