Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas in the village

I had the great joy of visiting the small town of Xodoriv for Ukrainian Christmas. I interviewed my friend's grandmother a while back so that I could better understand the history of Ukraine. She invited me to enjoy the Christmas feast with their family.

Nazar's grandmother grating eggs for one of the many dishes we would eat for Christmas. The Christmas meal consists of at least 12 dishes!

Jessica cat eyeing up the fish covered in onions. Luckily, she sat at my feet and ate plenty of fish during the meal!

Nazar's grandmother cutting the Christmas bread - it literally covered half of the table.

Nazar and his mother overshadowed by the giant Christmas bread!

Nazar's other set of grandparents. His grandfather is a wickedly funny old man, but at the same time his prayers were wonderfully deep and heartfelt. I really loved being around him.

Some of the many dishes. On the right you can see the traditional Christmas doughnuts.

The new Greek Catholic church being built in Xodoriv, as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

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