Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green shoots of hope sprouting

This has been a long summer.  It felt a lot like winter, actually.  We had some cold days in August and on more than one occasion I was wearing my coat.  Because of the tragedy here, our summer was filled with a lot of stress and turmoil.  And now it feels like sprig. We are moving forward.  We celebrate the small glimpses of hope we see each day.  Here are a few pictures of hope as we move forward with the ministry here in Lviv, Ukraine.

Andriy and Marta Tatchyn enjoying the hammock during staff retreat!

Adam, Yulia, and Pastor Lyubomir with the altar cloth Yulia hand stitched.

An autistic boy strikes a pose with a patriotic candle display for Independence day.

Our new Intern Erica Oliveira and old friend Olya Kryvytska welcome you!

We rejoice in all the hope that God continues to share with our communities here. Although there have been tremendous challenges, our students and young adults are working very hard to restore the ministry and to begin a new day. The pastoral staff of the church and student center are fasting until Thursday as we pray about the needs of our physical space and the $70,000 we need to fundraise [Andvance #14055A *cough* hint*cough*] - would you care to join us in fasting and prayer as we move forward in hope?

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