Monday, April 1, 2013

Eight months ago, someone stole the keyboard from our church.  We knew who the individual was, and he claimed that it had been his keyboard all along because he had been the musician at one point. 

The pastors of our church and I prayed, fasted, and negotiated for the return of the keyboard.  We fasted for three or four days at a time while praying to get the keyboard back.  On more than one occasion, I felt like giving up and buying a much cheaper replacement keyboard.  The one that had been stolen cost somewhere between $500 and $1000 new. 

Over and over we went back to God in prayer for wisdom in how to deal with this situation.  Although all three of us were frustrated beyone belief, I am proud to say that none of us ever lost our temper and screamed.  We never cursed or did anything unloving. 

Last Thursday, the teenager from our student ministry who plays piano played along with the worship band on the keyboard.  God returned it to our ministry safely.  The person who stole it came back, apologized, and said that he felt awful for what he did.

We don't celebrate these little miracles enough.  This was a huge act of God, and we need to celebrate it. 

Would you do something special to celebrate this small miracle with us?  Eat an extra piece of cake, spend a bit of time in prayer of thanksgiving, tell a friend about what God is doing here and in your own life.


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