Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I gave up my cell phone this morning. I feel as though I lack hands. Every few minutes I reach for my phone to call a friend or relative - to complain about a long line or relate a funny story about funny Finnish people and their tall, strange ways. I'm like a smoker who's just put down his last cigarette: I would give anything to use my cell phone one last time!

I'm sitting in a waiting lounge at beautiful JFK airport. Only a few more hours and I will be in Moscow. I'll try to get some sleep on the airplane - We will board at 1AM Russia time - a good time to fall asleep in any country or time zone.

I've had some bad news this week; one of my good friends from my older-adult Sunday School class had a massive stroke this weekend. The uncertainty is very hard on this traveler, but she is a wonderful Christian - and I realize that every time I leave this sort of situation is a possibility. I know we are only sad because we do not see the future.

Only a few more hours and one more layover and I will be in Russia. Still no word on getting picked up at the airport - I'm prepared for the bus/subway ride and walk. I mean, how lost could I possibly get in Moscow?

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