Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trip Outline

I have finally found out a little more about my time in Russia. Here is a quick update so everyone back home can have an picture of what I will be doing.

I will arrive in Moscow on Thursday. I will either be picked up by a seminary student or I will have to find the seminary by way of bus, subway, and walking. I'll find out which when I get there. Haha. I like spontenaity.

My missionary will arrive in Moscow on the following Tuesday - so I have a long weekend to get used to the time change, the city, and the language. I plan on taking a day trip to Konakovo (where I was an exchange student in high school) to let them know when I will be vacationing there.

Patrick Whaley and I will travel to Samara, Russia in early June and spend a few weeks there. We will work with a church in the area for a week, spend a week working with a drug rehab center, and a few other projects.

After that (on June 24th) I will travel to Moscow to meet up with a team of Americans and together we will travel to Voronezh to work at a United Methodist church camp. I will take a few days vacation to Konakovo to visit old friends.

My missionary will have returned to the states by this time - so I (and two other America college students) will be working with a United Methodist pastor, Kira Volkova(4th from the left) and her very young church. Kira spoke at General Conference this year during the young adult presentation - she represented the global community of young adults. I'm thrilled to have the oppertunity to work with her.

Patrick Whaley will have returned to Russia by mid-June and I will go to Moscow to work with him at the youth camps.

I will return to the states August 1st, will spend a few days in Boston with friends, my sister and I will drive back to Pennsylvania, and I should be back in Toccoa by mid August.

A great summer packed full of adventure with a lot of really exciting ministry oppertunities makes me, Michael Airgood, one very happy camper.

Please pray that I can safely find the seminary and that my Russian language skills will return quickly.

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