Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things have been going really well with my host family. I get up a little earlier than I used to, so I can join in on the breakfasting. In most Korean homes, breakfast is the biggest meal of the day.

Eat like a King for breakfast, a Prince for lunch, and a Pauper for dinner. So, if I sleep through breakfast I don't get much food! My family consumes significantly more bread and milk and less (much, much less) Kimchi than Korean Standard. This makes me happy. My parents keep a really clean house and I have to make my bed EVERY DAY! To a young adult this is kin to a torture chamber.

Also, I finally have an internet hookup for my laptop. I've been using the office computer in my house for the last week. My room finally feels complete - I'm just waiting for my parents to wake up so I can Skype (free video call) them so they can see my new digs. I will post pictures here in the next few days. I don't want to alienate my family by making them feel like they are on display at the zoo.

My classes are all going well. My Kindergarten kids are learning English words for games they know. So we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and Hide & Seek every day. It's so much fun. My youngest Kindergarten students are only 2&3 American Years* and they already know so much English. At the after school program, my kids are doing pretty well. I've only had one "opportunity student" (read: behavior problem!) this quarter. The biggest problem I have is that when my opportunity student makes a joke, it's usually genuinely funny ... so I'm trapped between wanting to laugh and trying to keep control of my class.

*When speaking Korean it is extremely important to know if someone is older or younger than you. Instead of basing this on months and days they base it entirely on birth year. When a baby is born he or she is considered 1 year old at birth. This keeps things pretty simple. Also, (this is my understanding - and I could be wrong) everyone's age increases at the new year. So, theoretically, if you had a baby at Christmas it would be 2 years old in Korea before it would be 2 weeks old in America. Isn't that crazy!

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