Saturday, January 30, 2010

After the hour-long bus ride, I only have to walk a mile to get to church. Negative 14 is positively refreshing on the Mongolian scale. I had believed that the walk would be several miles, but the young people from church showed me the shorcut through the remains of the palace where the last king and queen of Mongolia lived.

Having asked if there was anything I could do to help out around the church; I am in charge of youth group for the next six weeks. The youth are energetic, new Christians and I couldn't be happier to lend a hand. We are doing a Bible study from the 60s, They Met Jesus, about people in the Bible who encountered Jesus (usually) briefly. It's interesting to hear the unique perspective that a group of new believers brings to the table; I have so much to learn from them (or re-learn!). We play games and have a short English lesson each week. I'm genuinely surprised at how much the youth really enjoy the English lesson.

I will be working two days a week with hospice care, 2 days with senior citizen groups and one-on-one tutoring, one day as impromptu youth leader, and one day attending church with our United Methodist congregations here. I'm getting used to micro-busses and other peculiarities of Mongolia, and generally getting settled.

It's wonderful to serve with the missionary community here and I'm learning so much from our daily interactions.

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