Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I arrived safely in Mongolia.

The flight from Seoul to Beijing was uneventful. In the Beijing airport I went to the gate I found that there were two different flights waiting in the same lounge. One was headed to Mongolia and the other was going to Thailand. No one needed to ask anyone where they were going - half of us were wearing long wool coats and boots and the other half were decked out in bermuda shorts and flip-flops!

Today is my first day of work. I'm going with Helen to the hospice center in the morning, and visiting the English classes in the afternoon.

I'm glad I was adequately prepared for the cold. Because ... it's really cold. My eye lashes freeze together if I shut my eyes for too long, and stalactites form under my nose when it runs. It's best to have a good sense of humor about it - and a number of layers!

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  1. What town are you in? HOw long will you be there? What will you be doing? When will you post pictures???