Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm moving to Stryi for a few weeks.  We have a small church plant in the small town of Stryi.  It's a daughter church of the Lviv Congregation.  We decided that it was really important for us to invest a bit more in our daughter church during the summer months.  Realistically, it only makes sense for someone from our main team to go and live there for a while.  Hopefully other people from the Lviv congregation will be willing to visit if there are a few people they know there on a Sunday morning.

I'm the lucky one who gets to go and make Stryi my home away from home.  My friend Vittya will come and help me out - and a host of young people from the Lviv congregation already have plans to come for a day or two.  Many of them have family or friends in Stryi.  Hopefully we will be able to give this small group a much needed boost so that at next year's annual conference it can be formally recognized as a new congregation.

This wasn't in the plans for my summer - but I'm glad that it will work out this way.  I feel lucky to get away from the big city during the EURO cup madness.  I hope that I'll be able to make some new friends and get to know the people from the Stryi church plant a lot better.  Please keep us all in your prayers during this time as we have many teams from the states coming through - including one team visiting Stryi to do a combined VBS with the Methodist church and an independent church.  

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