Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vittya's Grandmother

My friend Vittya is helping me out in Stryi this summer - after we found an apartment he invited me to visit his family's home and to meet his grandmother.  He says that she is 90.  When we came to her house she was out in the field weeding.

Vittya is one of the young people who attends the United Methodist church in Lviv.  Vittya doesn't speak any English, but he is incredibly patient and genuinely enjoys talking with me in Ukraine.  Most people just tolerate my poor language abilities - but Vittya loves it.  I'm able to talk to people more freely when he's with me because if I get into trouble he can talk me out of it.  Here he is with his grandmother.

I love this picture.  Vittya's grandmother showed us which green strawberries were good to eat - and she gave us bitter greens to eat first so that the strawberries would taste wonderfully sweet.  It was great.

Here is Grandma Masha in front of her house wiping her neck with her apron.

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