Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Beautiful Quarantined Day

Leta Gorham, Molly, and I have to spend the whole week together away from the children and the church members. It's kind of funny because we know we don't have swine flu, but they are being very cautious. We can leave the house, but we can't go to the schools or the church (except for morning prayer ... yeah the rules are kind of fast and loose) or the marketplace.

So today we went to dawn prayer and then walked around the city. We ended up sitting outside the French pastry store until the opened. Leta told us about her children and her young adult life in Africa.

We met with the Pastor and received our schedules. We took a ride from a stranger to the wrong market. Who can you trust if not a stranger in a van? Molly had a pedicure and then we ate at a restaurant with food that was much too spicy. I bought Mario brothers socks, a pink alphabet poster for my room, and ice cream from our favorite pizza shop.

We came home and Leta shared stories of ministry spanning 5 decades and as many continents. We want to write a book with her. The three of us have become fast friends, we have tentative plans to go to Kenya next. Well, the Philippines in July and Kenya next year. We just plan on working together for years wherever God takes us. We'll see how long our goodwill lasts. Hopefully longer than our quarantine.

We climbed up the hill behind our apartment to the personal burial tomb. It was eerie more than anything else. We don't know who is buried there. We love hearing Leta's stories. She has served in so many different ways. She's such an inspiration.

We ate fried chicken and drank Pepsi in glass bottles. It's a little soon to be wanting American food, but it looked really good. So we went for it.

Classes start on Monday, supposedly. This quarantine thing has been just great.

We have our first staff lunch tomorrow.

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