Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Telling the story

I enjoy telling a good story. I always have. In Korea, meals are eaten in silence. It’s perhaps the most unnerving experience for this red-blooded American. I’m so accustomed to the American way of doing things. Growing up, meals were a primary story sharing time. Winter morning bowls were filled with oatmeal, the table filled with the sharing of the THE story – as my sister and I devoured our brown-sugared oatmeal, our mother taught us to devour God’s word. Lunch at school was always a chance for students to talk with other students. After being shushed all day, at lunch we were given the freedom to talk. Dinner with the family was the chance to talk about the day, to share fears and concerns, and to laugh together.

I think it’s important to share stories. And in Korea, at non-meal times, I’m never shy to tell a story. I blog stories from my life(perhaps less than I should) at michaelairgood.blogspot.com , I read stories to my kindergarten kids every morning, I share stories of missteps and outright fails with my American friends one town over, I teach my older students Bible verses – sometimes acting them out to make sure that everyone gets the point – and try to work stories I learned around the kitchen table into my lessons, and I share the events of the day with my homestay-family in Korea and my parents at home in the states(via Skype.com).

So I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my story with you. When you read my stories – the adventures and mishaps of a young missionary spending his first full year overseas, the hopes and dreams of a future General Board of Global Ministries missionary, and the tales of a student just trying to make sense of his surroundings – please remember that YOU are part of my story. If you’re reading this, you have contributed to my life and my calling. You have shared your story with me, you have lived the resurrection before my eyes and helped teach me how to serve the savior.

Thank you for all of your support, your kind words and affirmation, and your daily prayers. Together we can all share the story we’re meant to tell.

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