Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things I miss

The other day I bought a carton of milk. Usually I buy plastic bottles, but this week I bought a cardboard carton.

Now, Korean food utilizes A LOT of garlic. Well, I must have left my carton of milk open just a tiny little bit, because the milk absorbed the strong garlic smell that possesses our fridge.

I finished about half of the glass of garlic flavored milk before realizing what was wrong. It was definitely a GROSS experience.

I love being here - but, living overseas always provides experiences that make me miss the things of home.

So, with that backdrop; I introduce my list of things I miss.

Reeses Cups
Vanilla flavoring
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Friends who would die or kill for me (depending on the situation)[OK, I still have these friends - it's just that they're far away!]
Midnight Burger King runs
Mexican food
My family (This is a stream of consciousness list - I probably miss my family more than Mexican food ... but there's no order to this list)
My cat, Vassya
Goodwill & Salvation Army shopping
Stove-top stuffing
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
My house
The train tracks behind my house
Dinner parties
Dr. Smith and our weekly meeting
Church in English
Hymns in English
Large African-American women
Giving big hugs to good friends

I like this list. I've enjoyed taking this moment to think about the things of home. I've been in Korea for over 5 months, and there are things I will miss when I leave this place, too.

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