Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3

Some people believe that "unity" occurs when all people agree. When we think and act the same we are unified. On our cultural excursion to Sachsenhausen concentration camp we experienced the vision of "unity" signifying one belief, one people, one race.

As young people at this Global Convocation we have the unique opportunity to express what true unity looks like to a world that has lost faith. True unity doesn't share a skin color, language, or country. Unity shares faith in a God who still speaks to people. Unity shares life together.

After a painful and difficult visit through a former death camp, we shared in the fellowship and unity of a meal with the United Methodist believers of Church in a Container. KiC is a recent church plant which took on the challenge of creating new communities of faith for new people seriously. Their bright yellow building shows the community around them what unity can be to the world.

Some people don't believe that we can achieve unity this week. They feel that the legislation and Robert's rule of procedure will bog us down. If people hope that we will vote with a two-thirds majority on hot-button topics legislation, they will probably be disappointed. But, those people are probably using the wrong definition of unity.

If people hope that the youth and young adults will join together and see eye to eye, that we will connect with one another and our loving God - DONE. Done and done. Every day we share together in worship of God and fellowship with one another. We are living proof that unity is a reality.


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