Monday, February 11, 2013

The baptism of Jesus

 So, the baptism of Jesus is celebrated as a major feast holiday in Ukraine.  I had never celebrated it before with any of my friends' families.  This year, my friends Olia and Taras invited me to their family home in the village for the feast.  It was a huge feast, and a lot of fun.  I ate way too much!

The Salo family gathered around the table.
After the feast, Olya and I took a night train to Kyiv.  I was on my way back to my first week of seminary. 

Olya and Zhanna at McDonalds.  The breakfast of Champions.
On my way back to seminary, I also visited a few friends.  I hadn't been to Kyiv in more than a year, so I was glad to reconnect with old friends. 

We walked on the ice, but for the holiday, many people swam.

Dima and Yana are two great friends, I wish we could see each other more. 

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