Monday, July 14, 2008

I think that all church planters should be assigned an adorable puppy. The work in Kirov is all about making new connections and talking with people. We speak English loudly until someone comes up to us who knows English and joins our conversation. We carry our puppy around until someone comes over to pet her and we begin a conversation. Kira does hopsital ministry and children's Sunday School. She keeps an open house and serves dinner for 12. Kira leads Bible studies comprised of people she has met and began conversations with. Yesterday, on Sunday morning, we met Vova and Victor. They are both new Christians who have come to know the saving grace of God because Kira was sent to Kirov. Every night we go out on the town and talk to people who speak English. We try and guide our conversations toward important matters. We usually meet some new people. Tonight we will go out for dinner with friends and then learn how to play Russian billiards.

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  1. I think the puppy idea is great.

    I started learning the Russian alphabet yesterday. :)