Sunday, July 27, 2008

This could potentially be my last post from Russia. I'm sitting in a McDonald's using the free Wi-Fi with my seminary friend Katya Li. Life in Moscow is good. Expensive, but good. I am going to the Methodist Youth Camp tomorrow. It promises to be an amazing time. I probably won't have internet in the forest.

Katya Li in front of a great reflective building.

I am flying home on the August 1st. Please remember to pray for me that day. I will spend some time with my sister, then time with my family, and then back to Toccoa August 20th (or there abouts!)

I will post some fun stories when I get back to the states (probably during my 8 hour layover at JFK.) Including: Korean church, Syktyvkar internet problems, Souvenier shopping adventures, more American interaction, etc. Can't wait to tell you more. Love, Michael.

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