Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm currently in Kirov - a large university city. Kirov is a young city, full of hopes and dreams. Kira Volkova, who spoke during the young adult address at our General Conference this year, is planting a new church here.

I'm with Brandon and Lauren, two great college kids from Auburn. They have a really fun dynamic and are up for anything. I think Kira's only problem is that we're so chill and up for anything that she has to make all the decisions. Haha.

This town is also very trendy. None of my clothes will cut it. We have been shopping at all of the second hand stores, but I will have to buy jeans in a normal store ... I will spend at least $100 (a gift from my parents!) to buy something trendy in my size. If I can find any.

Last night we went to the city center and sat under Lenin's statue and talked with people. It was amazing. We are doing a children's camp, hospital ministry, and Sunday school for children in the next few days.

Love, Michael.

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