Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm going to Thailand tomorrow. Originally the trip was to go and pick up my visa. Korea has weird rules about English teacher visas, one of them being that the visa can only be issued outside of Korea. All of the paperwork and processing happens in Korea, but the actual visa can only be issued overseas. So, I had to take half of my vacation days to make a business trip somewhere outside of Korea. So, I chose Thailand because it was the cheapest flight I could find and a country I wanted to visit. I figured it would be a perfect chance to sightsee.

Two days ago I found out that my English teaching visa was put on hold because of problems with the school I'm working for. So, I will not be getting my visa this week. At least I will get another opportunity to visit another asian country in the next few months. Where should I go next?

I'm really excited about going to Thailand. Although I'm disappointed that I won't be getting my visa, that does free me up to do 2 more days worth of sightseeing! I probably won't blog during the week, but I plan on taking pictures and blogging next week!

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