Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter festivities


We ate Easter Dinner with Erika (missing from photo) and her family. Her grandmother is just a hoot and reminds me of my friends in the Curtis Trogdon Wesley Sunday School class!


This is the altar table at the 3.5 month old L'viv UMC. I've unexpectedly landed in the position of Altar Guild. Haha. I'll try my best until Shannon gets back.


After church we went to a huge park where people do very traditional Ukrainian things - like play games. This game is a hybrid of Red Rover Red Rover and American Football. Basically two teams line up and hold on to each other as they run toward each other and try to push the other team back. It's full-contact Shove-of-War.


This is one of the beautiful Greek-Catholic churches inside the park.

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