Monday, April 26, 2010



Sometimes I like nothing more than to just go outside and take a walk. Slavic languages have a very distinct verb for this activity. The Urbandictionary alternative is "to hang out." Most young people live in small apartments with their extended families and it just isn't practical to have people over.

So they go for a walk.

Most of my friends live far from downtown and if I want to go for a walk at night I have to go alone. I'm always surprised at the large number of people in a city. I can walk for hours without bumping into anyone I know - and I know a considerable number of people for only having been here two months!

Spring is in the air and the city is beautiful. Flowers are blooming, young couples are enjoying each others company, and produce is getting cheaper.

I wish I could just sit down and talk with people. Nothing would make a walk better than to share it with other people.

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  1. What was that man's response after you snapped the picture of him?

    Do you walk with a cane? That would be the finishing touch to a solitary walk.