Friday, April 16, 2010

I, I celebrate the day

These are the students of молодь до Ісуса (Molod do Isusa - Youth to Jesus) on top of Castle Hill after the sunrise service. Greeting the morning with singing is always a blessing. These students and young adults are fantastic and I look forward to sharing the next several months with them.

David Goran left for the US last night. He is currently in limbo -somewhere- because of the dust from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. My responsibilities increase tenfold in the Gorans' abscence and I'm grateful for their trust.

My English classes are underway. This was my first attempt at starting an English course from scratch (no curriculum, no book, no administrative person, etc) and I'm not terribly disappointed. There are fewer students than I would like, but I realize that this means the English class will be effective (small class size really does improve your chance of learning a foreign language) and hopefully they will tell people about it. I'm going to start advertising for next months course within the next week or two.

Everything is going well, and I'm grateful for all of your prayers.

Peace, Michael.

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