Sunday, April 25, 2010

Staying busy

David made it safely back to the states - after a very stressful week in limbo. The baby hasn't arrived yet, but Shannon is full term and kiddo could come at any moment. I've got posterboard ready to make a bid "It's a boy/girl!" sign for the student center. As soon as kiddo is born and we find out which gender it is I will post it - as well as the super secret name they have for him/her.

I'm staying busy here. Next week is a testing week - which means I will be super busy and will spend all of my time at the student center. Last time we had fewer students than we had hoped - so pray that we get a good number of students registered for the courses.

Friday and Saturday are my days off - which just means I have time to finish everything I haven't had the time/motivation to work on during the work week! On Saturday night my friends took me to meet a magician and he performed card tricks for us. Last night Lily and I went to a Masons themed restaurant. It was really great and I look forward to taking my parents there!

In the near future: May 10th a group of students is traveling to Kiev to enjoy the Passion Tour - the students are super excited about it. I'm preaching a few times in the next few months. In mid-May I'm taking a trip to Poland for Visa reasons - but I plan on visiting Majden concentration camp and museum. I will be attending the Ukraine Annual conference in May. My parents are coming the first week of June! They've never traveled overseas and I look forward to sharing this beautiful city with them. Whew! I'm getting tired just looking over my schedule! It should be a lot of fun, though.

Last Thursday I preached at Pilgrims - the inter-confessional student worship service - and had a great response. During the sermon the drama team performed a skit and it was excellent. After the sermon, during the prayer time, a number of students came up for prayer and one girl even dedicated her heart to God. It was a huge blessing.

Today is Change the World Sunday - and L'viv UMC is taking part. We are passing out flowers, toys, and free hugs to change the world! I'm so excited.

I hope that everything is going well for you as well.

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