Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday is a catch-up day

Theoretically, Friday is a day off. I've actually had a few Fridays where I've managed to do nothing, but usually it is the free-day to which things get put off.

Yeah, I'll do that on Friday.

Sure, let's meet on Friday.

So I was up at 8AM for a morning meeting with our pastor. He works full time as a computer programmer, so our meetings have to be early in the morning. (Generally speaking - because we work with college students - my mornings are completely free.)

We're working through Adam Hamilton's Selling Swimsuits in the Arctic. It's really a wonderful little book that people involved with growing a church or a ministry should read. It uses business terms and some people are put off by it's lack of spirituality - but frankly, if you think the only answer to help ministries succeed is to pray more then you really shouldn't be reading any books anyway. I tend to be more pragmatic and feel that God has given us the tools to be effective in what we do and we should use those tools.

Today we talked about getting little changes that could make a big difference.

At 9 AM we met with a man who could help us print posters. I don't like salespeople because they talk too quickly for me to understand anything and I always feel that a lot has been lost in translation. But, I liked this guy. He was about my age and seemed nice. I almost feel as though we got a good deal.

I went to the market and bought some food and then came home and baked a few things for when David and Shannon get back.

I'm apartment hunting at the moment (just lightly - I have a back up plan, but if I can find something cheap I would like to live by myself) so I went and visited a friends apartment to see what I could get within my budget.

I tried to take a nap, but quickly got a phone call from someone who needed something ... and I was up again. My second nap attempt also failed.

I went for a long walk through the city - just enjoying the architecture.

I ate terribly unhealthy McDonald's food - which I know I shouldn't do.

After dinner I had an incredibly painful conversation with a friend. It's very painful to be so far away during what might be his last few months.

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