Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sunday is a day or worship.

L'viv United Methodist church began meeting for weekly worship in January of 2010. In May our average attendance was 13 - we're on track to average 16+ for June! Our church is a little bit like the Island of misfit toys. You'd really love it if you came.

Today the pastor's son turned off the computer in the middle of the sermon. Our pastor uses the slides as his notes and we all had to wait until the computer re-booted for the sermon to continue. Adamchik (the pastor's son) is adorable, so it was easy to laugh and enjoy the break.

During communion Pastor Lyubomir puts Adamchik in my lap. I think that the little fellow is just overwhelmed by how incredibly large I am and he always sits quietly and politely until I hand him off to someone else. Today I was still holding him during one of the songs. He held on to my neck like there was no tomorrow and sang a song completely different than the hymn we were singing. He would sing just as loudly as I could, but his own words and tune. As soon as I stopped singing he would stop and as soon as I would start he would start in on his own melody. I have no idea what he was singing, but it felt very fun and lively. I couldn't stop laughing and it really brightened my whole day.

In the morning I went to a cathedral for mass. Even though I don't understand what's going on most of the time - I feel very comfortable in Greek-Catholic services. I stand in the back and pray and hope that no one notices my shorts and flip-flops.

Tonight I'll go out with friends and enjoy the city.


  1. does lyubomir mean love-world or love-peace?

  2. You know, I've wondered that, too. I remember asking, but I don't remember the answer. (I think it was disappointing and I chose not to remember because the mystery was more enjoyable.)