Sunday, June 7, 2009

A day in my life, or "Pictures, finally."

Here is a pictorial directory of my Sabbath day in Asan City, South Korea.

This is my alarm clock. I brought my mom's alarm clock (circa 1970) but it is broken, so I bought a Korean alarm clock. It didn't have batteries in it, so I just prayed that it would be loud enough to wake me. It is. And several neighboring counties! I managed to find the loudest alarm clock ever produced. I have so far not managed to find any volume control on him, though.

This is my parking lot and further proof that South Korea is the safest place on earth. If you park another car in, you simply leave your car in neutral so they can move it in the morning. Isn't that nice?

All the parks have exercise equipment. Just a subtle reminder that this is the only Asian country with fat kids. So, uhmm. Hint -ity, Hint, Hint. In the background is our favorite Pizza place. Pizza always includes corn as a topping, which is just great.

Oh, did I mention I'm in Asia and take pictures of stereotypically Asian things?

This is church. Church is always this full. This is not a special Sunday. It was actually a little slack, since we only took in one new member. Last week we took in 5.

After church we gather for a large meal. It's really beautiful.

There's something about this picture that I love. Everyone is so giving here, so there's nothing special about serving in a food line once a week; but there's something about their attitude that we need to catch.

Here's the food. I try really hard to eat everything, but so far I haven't found any Korean food that I really love.

But honestly -if you didn't know- wouldn't you believe this photo was from a brain surgery post-op? Yep, I eat it all.

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