Sunday, June 21, 2009

More pcitures

This is a picture of my last shred of dignity as it slowly succumbs to a painful death. This is Market Day, an outreach event for children learning English. My job was to pose with the families for a fun picture. It was a really succesful event and I got to meet a lot of new people, many of whom were parents of my students. Most of the pictures were actually fun and not nearly this sad.

All Asian kids are adorable, but this one might take the cake. He only speaks 3 sentences in English, but he sure does practice them a lot.

This is the other new missionary teacher, Molly. We traded shifts in the dignity loss/photography booth.

Do Hyun, a new friend. He goes to one of Korea's Ivy League schools. His major is German, primarily because he has already mastered English and French and after sampling all the languages his school offered he felt that German was the most difficult. He wants to be a missionary, pastor, politician, or diplomat. He can say this with a straight face - and Korean's aren't known for their sense of humor - so I guess he's telling the truth. He does the English translation for our church services and the only mistake he makes is saying Crucifacation instead of Crucifixtion. I'll correct him the Monday before I leave. It makes sermons much more entertaining.

This photo shows all of the kids at Market Day. While many of the students at our kindergarten and after school program came, we also made many new contacts. It was nice to see the Koreans from our church talking with each new family present. It was even worth the loss of any dignity I had left.

Just adorable.

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