Tuesday, December 14, 2010

100 grieven challenge - Day #3

I spent 1.75 UAH on a bus ticket. I walked most of the way into town, but had to rush for an early morning appointment. Of course the people I was meeting showed up 40 minutes late. Oddly enough, my appointment was for a photo shoot. Apparently I’m going to be part of an article about foreigners living in Ukraine. The pictures were really, really nice – I hope I get to keep some of them.

I joined some friends for lunch at a café. I had packed a lunch, but I try to never pass up an invitation to share a meal with friends. I just bought a desert and ate slowly. 10.50 AUH.

English Club was on the topic of drugs and alcohol. We did an exercise (ostensibly to practice bad/worse/worst) where we ranked major drugs on a sliding scale. I had a prop for each category. Luckily I was able to find something to represent every major drug group around my apartment. A pro-legalization newspaper for marijuana, an empty beer bottle, a spoon and lighter – these are things my roommates just keep around. Just in case. My students provided the cigarettes and junk food categories. As all teachers know, it’s all too easy to spend a small fortune on materials for classes. I pay for all prizes out of pocket – but luckily, today a friend gave me a candy bar, and I didn’t have to spend money on a prize this week! 0 UAH!

Money Spent: 12.25 UAH
Money Remaining: 58.75 UAH
Steps Taken: 13,008

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