Friday, December 17, 2010

100 grieven challenge - Day #5

Today was a zero-sum day. I didn't spend a dime or a 10 kopeck piece today.

I brought scrambled eggs for my lunch today. Interestingly, scrambled eggs deflate in tupperware. I filled the container up to the top - but a few hours later I found a small egg-brick, roughly the shape but half the size of the container.

My friend Valodiya also had some lunch sent by his mother from the village - so we shared together and everyone got a great lunch.

Thursday is Pilgrims and with David and Shannon still sick there was a lot to do around the student center. The whole leadership team comes on Thursday mornings to clean - and it was fun to clean with good people.

I'm trying to decide if I want to keep walking after this week. While it's still a long slog through snow and ice, it's getting easier and quicker every day. It almost makes arriving at the student center (or back at home) a celebration. I feel that someone should at least greet me merrily when I arrive.

Money Spent: 0 UAH
Money Remaining: 51.40 UAH
Steps Taken: 12,346

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