Saturday, December 18, 2010

100 grieven challenge - Day #6

I just can't live without milk. A morning without milk and cereal just feels wrong. I needed a bowl of cereal so badly this morning that I was willing to throw on my coat and run out to the store to buy some. 7.50 UAH.

Friday is usually a day of rest - but this particular Friday was a special party to celebrate St. Nikolaus day. I had to buy a secret Santa gift. So, I saved money by baking some "no-bake" cookies. I used butter that my roommates grandmother hand churns at her home in the mountains - so the cookies are unbelievably good. I also wrapped it in old cloth I had lying around and used an old Christmas card as the name tag. Everyone thought that it looked very, very nice. 0 UAH

After the party I had friends over to relax. I had to buy some cloves to make the mulled beverage - but it was totally worth it. Afterwards we walked and sang in the streets. I finally feel like it's Christmas. 3.44

Money Spent: 10.94 UAH
Money Remaining: 40.46 UAH
Steps Taken: 11,405

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