Friday, July 27, 2012

Kam'yanytsya United Methodist Church

Before the tragedy happened in Lviv, I had the chance to visit some of the other United Methodist churches. I've already written about my experiences at the UMC in Chernivtsi.  Here is a bit of insight into the other churches I visited.  

We have a cluster of six United Methodist churches in the Zarkarpatsky Region.  The congregation in Kam'yanytsya survived the soviet days.  It is our largest and most active United Methodist congregation in Ukraine.   The District Superintendent of the Western Ukraine District of the Ukrainian UMC gracefully stepped aside as pastor and encouraged his wife to become senior pastor of the congregation.  

Alla is a wonderful pastor.  She is caring, kind, and a true servant.  Her husband is a wonderful District Superintendent.  I wasn't able to attend worship at this church on a Sunday morning.  But - I have certainly worshiped here!  I went to the Friday night worship service, Saturday morning youth dawn prayer at 5 AM (!!!!), and young men's Bible Study on Saturday afternoon.  It is a wonderful congregation of loving and kind people.  The youth ministry is strong and comprehensive.  

The church building survived the soviet days, too. 

I sat with these two and it was like sitting in church with my own grandparents!

Pastor Alla is such a strong preacher and leader. 

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