Friday, July 27, 2012

Uzhgorod United Methodist Church

Before the tragedy happened in Lviv, I had the chance to visit some of the other United Methodist churches. I've already written about my experiences at the UMC in Chernivtsi.  Here is a bit of insight into the other churches I visited.  

The city of Uzhgorod actually has two United Methodist churches.  There is one which survived the soviet days, and there is one which was planted this year.  These are pictures of the new church plant.  

Pastor Joseph is a bold, energetic leader.  He is shorter than me, but about my size.  He runs a home for street kids.  He believes in new church plants.  

This church meets in a hotel.  I think that it was a low Sunday when I visited, I think that they usually have more people.  This service has a great feel and many young people.  Joseph helps young people who used to be addicts find meaningful leadership roles in the church.  It's a slow process - but it is tremendously important for the future of the church. 

You can see some of the diversity of this church.

Lots of young people in worship and leadership.

This is the least fuzzy picture I have of Joseph.  He just moves a lot! 

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