Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saying goodbye to Bohdan.

When I first arrived in Lviv, Bohdan was the first Ukrainian student I met.  David and I were on our way to the student center and we passed him in the street.  He hadn't been around the student center in a while, but he was excited about introducing a new American to the city.  He helped me out a tremendous amount those first few weeks.  We have become good friends - and he has introduced me to some of my closest friends here. 

I'm glad that Bohdan is following his heart - but I'm sad that that means he will be leaving Ukraine and emigrating to Canada.  It is always sad when one of our best and brightest leaves our borders.  I hope that someday he will come back to help make Ukraine better. 

Pavlo and Kristina (the girl on the left) set up the banner for his surprise party!

The group waiting around to hide.

Bohdan with a big smile after a big surprise!

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