Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vacation days

Florian, Allen, and Priska came to Lviv and stayed at Apartment 17.  They were excellent guests and they urged me to come and visit them in Romania.  I was pleasantly surprised to find two available days during the weekdays sandwiched by churches in southwestern Ukraine.  I decided that I should pop in and visit my new friends.  They are all studying in Romania, and will be going back to their home countries in Europe next week. 
This is what greeted me when I entered Romania.  Clockwork from the top: a poster warning of purse snatchings, a poster of contact info for the police, a picture of an unidentified corpse (including a close up of his face!), and a poster for self-defence classes.  This was not the police bulletin board.  This was the welcome bulletin board.
One of my hosts, Florian, trying not to make a funny face.  Originally from Germany, he studies here in Romania.

This is the view from Florian and Priska's apartment (they shared the apartment with others, but everyone else has left.)  - could you imagine a hotel with this view not charging $100 a night?  I love that I can stay with friends all over the world.

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